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ChainLabs focuses on investment and research of the crypto industries. As a promising resource integrator in Asia (including Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and etc.), Chainlabs has a deep partnership with financial institutions, mainstream media, and technology communities that have great insights into trends on Blockchain and FinTech, and ChainLabs commits to promoting the development and application of the blockchain industry.

In-depth cooperation with Aisa financial
capital /investment institutions

Rich and exclusive connections and
resources of the Asia blockchain industry

Experience in the media and PR fields for
more than 10 years

Strong and solid Asian blockchain
community and KOL reusorces

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Brand Consulting
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Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Media

CoinVoice(www.coinvoice.cn)- Focus on the new variables of financial technology, provides high-quality, original and in-depth FinTech information, delivers FinTech value, and is committed to serving global FinTech innovators.

Crypto Night (Exclusive Event)

The "Crypto Night" hosted and organized by CoinVoice ,aims to provide a high-end business social cocktail party for high-quality blockchain projects at home and abroad, which is a social stream and docking investment cooperation with many investment institutions.

Brand Meet-up (Exclusive Event)

Ecological companies such as blockchain projects/exchanges break down the barriers of regional community fan communication through offline Meet-up, sharing the brand stories, product features, latest developments, etc., The Meet-up will invite communities, KOL and their partners to experience the brand Charm, Increase fan stickiness and create an atmosphere of communication.

Blockchain Innovator Summit (Exclusive Event)

The Blockchain Innovator Summit is a series of global summits sponsored by CoinVoice and jointly initiated by Inno Angel Fund, J Lab, PreAngel, Jiaxin Capital and other capital investment institutions. It has been held in Shanghai and Taipei in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The summit gathered guests, professors and scholars, technology communities, institutions, media, investment institutions that in the field of blockchain from more than 20 countries and cities around the world. In addition to delivering value output speeches, it also provides a platform for high-quality blockchain projects at home and abroad to strengthen exchanges in the global blockchain industry.
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